Theatre Horizon is turning seven!

In honor of Theatre Horizon turning seven on November 16, we will be posting our favorite memories from the past seven years. The first comes from Production Manager Maura Roche. Share your stories at!

“I was in high school when Theatre Horizon started, and Erin Reilly was directing my high school productions.  I’ll never forget when she sat me down and encouraged me to really consider Theatre as a viable future for myself as I faced my college career.  My friends and I used to go to support Erin and see the small shows that Theatre Horizon was producing in a park in Upper Merion.  Now, 7 years later, I am astounded at how far the company has grown from those early shows to the artistically thriving, Barrymore-award-winning, up-and-coming professional company that it is!  And I’m so proud to be a part of that now as a member of our small but mighty staff.  Happy Birthday, Theatre Horizon!”

For proof, here’s a photo of high-school Maura being a Theatre Horizon superfan at one of those early performances.  As if this wasn’t ‘small world’ enough for you, Maura is pictured with Caroline Dooner, who will be performing in our upcoming show, Voices of Christmas!


One thought on “Theatre Horizon is turning seven!

  1. Ah GREASE! Too bad they weren’t dressed up in poodle skirts and pink ladies jackets…bc there were definitely some people in those audiences who did wear GREASE garb to the performances. I still remember being in that show very fondly (regardless of how ridiculous and humid it was.) You need to post a picture of Matt as Teen Angel. ❤

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