A short play called Horizons

The memories continue with this one from Board President Joshua L Gayl, Esq. Share your stories at Facebook.com/TheatreHorizon!

“In the summer of 1999, the idea that was to become Theatre Horizon was born. Sitting in the Reilly’s basement, almost on a lark, Matt Decker and Erin Reilly challenged me and a few other friends to play improvisational games that eventually spawned a short play called Horizons.  The show was about growing up and making difficult decisions. The tag-line was ‘make a decision and move on.’ Turned out to be a powerful message for a group of college kids with optimism galore and yet unclear visions about their respective futures.  The show helped shape who I was as a young man.  Right or wrong, I made decisions with confidence and moved on in my journey.  Meanwhile, Erin and Matt started formulating their vision of Theatre Horizon. Twelve years later, Matt and Erin continue to demonstrate the power of theater to inspire.”


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