Good Storytelling

The memories continue with this one from Board Member Steve Heumann. Share your stories at!
“My ‘introduction’ to Theatre Horizon was via first meeting Matt in August, 2006 while he was AD for Arden [Theatre]’s A Prayer for Owen Meany and I was the ‘outsider’ attending every rehearsal of that production and writing a blog for the Arden’s web site about the rehearsal process … from the perspective of an outsider.  He had never worked for Arden.  I had never blogged.  Two peas in a pod!  At some point, Matt mentioned he and a friend had co-founded a theatre company in Montgomery County a couple of years before.  It was only one of our many passing conversations in the midst of the long days and nights of rehearsals.  I remember saying that I’d like to catch one of his productions.  He mentioned Erin’s name at the time, who I think I’d heard of from her acting gigs.
In any event, later that season I saw my first Theatre Horizon production, Once on This Island.  I was very taken by this very polished production in the unusual space of the UM junior high or middle school.  I thought they were on to something.  I wanted to follow up.
Next, I saw Working, an even more accomplished piece that was both touching and showed the capacity of TH for good story telling.
During that time I met Erin and became more familiar with both she and Matt, their backgrounds and their shared vision.  I was sold on their drive, talent and enthusiasm to create theatre in the suburbs with same or better quality than what is available in the city.  I offered to volunteer in any way my experience could help.  Jane and I attended a fund raiser and it was there that we met the earliest supporters and staff.
Theatre Horizon is fulfilling that early promise.  The future holds even more.  Jane and I have been proud Honorary Producers for several productions and I’m delighted to volunteer my time for the organization.
Happy 7th Birthday!!!”

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