Giving credit where credit is due


On May 24 at 10am, we’re breaking new ground.  A new theater!  Our own space!  Lately, people have been asking me how we got here.

I keep answering the question differently.  “Well, these amazing individuals believed in our dream and pledged dollars.”  But before that, local government got behind the idea of Arts Hill.  Actually, it goes back to the day Steve Wolfson toured the Bell Telephone building and said it would make a good theater.  But Steve was in Norristown to see Spelling Bee, and without that amazing cast, and the actors who graced our stage before and after, we wouldn’t have attracted our incredible base of subscribers.  Maybe it started with Bob Kaufman generously giving us office space for the summer…and then letting us stay.  Maybe it began when Fran Doyle invited us do a holiday show at the Centre Theater, effectively moving us to N-town in 2007. 

The beauty of this new theater is that no one person can claim ownership–it has been molded by many hands.

I think of other things that require the work of many hands:  a vegetable garden, a city block, a child.  What work could be more meaningful? 

Every actor, donor, board member, designer, director, subscriber, choreographer, crew member, stage manager, staffer, teaching artist, ticket-buyer, journalist, musician, and student who has interacted with Theatre Horizon has brought us to this moment.

A quick tally indicates over 10,000 people have helped Theatre Horizon arrive at this day.

In our new, year-round home we will have space and time to expand our art, grow the Autism Drama Outreach program, and make a big contribution to Arts Hill, Norristown’s burgeoning arts district.

Please join Theatre Horizon for our Ground Breaking Ceremony.  All of us will be signing the backstage wall of what will be the new theater—a signed testament to the good work of many hands.

What: Groundbreaking

When: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where: Theatre Horizon in the Bell Telephone Building, 401 DeKalb Street, Norristown, PA 19401

Time: 10am-11am

RSVP:  (610) 283-2230


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