A Note from Our Honorary Producers

Cindy and I first learned about Theatre Horizon during its 11/12 season.  In December, 2011, we attended our first production, Voices of Christmas, at the former venue in Norristown.  We should have had a clue then that Theatre Horizon productions are unlike any others.  We become instant fans of everything Theatre Horizon.

In April, 2012, we were entranced by the theatre’s gripping production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, How I Learned to Drive, after having enjoyed dinner with clients accompanying us that evening, at a Mexican restaurant just a couple of blocks from the theatre.  A month later, I was invited up the block from the old venue.  Although it was hard to believe on that rainy day in May, 2012, Norristown’s long shuttered Bell Telephone Building, was to become, in little more than five months, a shining light upon a hill in Norristown.  In February, 2013, during Theatre Horizon’s 12/13 Grand Opening season, Cindy and I, along with friends we invited, were spellbound by the theatre’s production of An Infinite Ache.  In May, 2013, we also brought guests with us to see the theatre’s electrifying production of the Tony Award-winning musical, Spring Awakening

With its lighted marquee sign on DeKalb Street, Theatre Horizon stands both literally and figuratively as a beacon and signpost for what’s vibrant, new and exciting in and about Norristown.  On a personal level, because of our association with Theatre Horizon, after having been Montgomery County residents for more than thirty years, Cindy and I have a new relationship with Norristown.  We find ourselves, for the first time, regularly traveling to the borough, often accompanied by family members, friends, and business associates, discovering, enjoying and then returning to some of the County’s best restaurants, and participating in the restaurant renaissance, cultural awakening, and commercial resurgence, of the County seat.  By making annual gifts to Theatre Horizon, we also believe we’re investing in Norristown’s future.

Theatre Horizon’s co-founders Artistic Director Erin Reilly and Resident Director Matthew Decker have created something magical in Norristown.  Cindy and I have awaited with anticipation Theatre Horizon’s 13/14 season.  Well the new theatre season begins with I Am My Own Wife.  We can’t wait!

~ Bill and Cindy Wanger


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