Review of I AM MY OWN WIFE

Written by Theatre Horizon subscriber, Susan Wolfson, Quick Critic

It was my pleasure to bring a group of 17 to the Sunday afternoon preview of I Am My Own Wife.  This new theatre space is warm and inviting with a friendly and helpful staff.  The seats are very comfortable with lots of legroom and visibility from any row or seat.  Where can you find a BYOB theatre except right here at Theatre Horizon!

This amazing one actor play was a stunning piece of theatre.  Who was Charlotte von Mahlsdorf?  During this performance, we learn so much about this polite and soft spoken woman (who was born a German man).  She certainly was not a weak woman but rather a brave and courageous person who survived not only Nazi Germany but also the Communist regime.  Charlotte is portrayed in her little black dress, string of pearls, orthopedic shoes and black head scarf.  We follow her from childhood until her death many years later.  So many twists and turns…and beautiful executed.  She was an amazing individual!

With a change only in position, voice, and accent, Charlie DelMarcelle becomes over 30 character with apparent ease.  I was totally enthralled with his portrayal of all the different people who each had an impact on Charlotte’s life.

This play deals with a difficult subject and era in history and I felt it was beautifully executed.  Please come and see this show and tell your friends not to miss it.  It runs until November 24.  You have my recommendation plus the friends who joined me!


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