Photos from Voices of Christmas

The cast and crew braved the cold last Saturday for a photo shoot. Check out the results! More photos to be posted over on our Facebook. Thanks to our awesome photographer, Kathyrn Raines (



Good Storytelling

The memories continue with this one from Board Member Steve Heumann. Share your stories at!
“My ‘introduction’ to Theatre Horizon was via first meeting Matt in August, 2006 while he was AD for Arden [Theatre]’s A Prayer for Owen Meany and I was the ‘outsider’ attending every rehearsal of that production and writing a blog for the Arden’s web site about the rehearsal process … from the perspective of an outsider.  He had never worked for Arden.  I had never blogged.  Two peas in a pod!  At some point, Matt mentioned he and a friend had co-founded a theatre company in Montgomery County a couple of years before.  It was only one of our many passing conversations in the midst of the long days and nights of rehearsals.  I remember saying that I’d like to catch one of his productions.  He mentioned Erin’s name at the time, who I think I’d heard of from her acting gigs.
In any event, later that season I saw my first Theatre Horizon production, Once on This Island.  I was very taken by this very polished production in the unusual space of the UM junior high or middle school.  I thought they were on to something.  I wanted to follow up.
Next, I saw Working, an even more accomplished piece that was both touching and showed the capacity of TH for good story telling.
During that time I met Erin and became more familiar with both she and Matt, their backgrounds and their shared vision.  I was sold on their drive, talent and enthusiasm to create theatre in the suburbs with same or better quality than what is available in the city.  I offered to volunteer in any way my experience could help.  Jane and I attended a fund raiser and it was there that we met the earliest supporters and staff.
Theatre Horizon is fulfilling that early promise.  The future holds even more.  Jane and I have been proud Honorary Producers for several productions and I’m delighted to volunteer my time for the organization.
Happy 7th Birthday!!!”

A short play called Horizons

The memories continue with this one from Board President Joshua L Gayl, Esq. Share your stories at!

“In the summer of 1999, the idea that was to become Theatre Horizon was born. Sitting in the Reilly’s basement, almost on a lark, Matt Decker and Erin Reilly challenged me and a few other friends to play improvisational games that eventually spawned a short play called Horizons.  The show was about growing up and making difficult decisions. The tag-line was ‘make a decision and move on.’ Turned out to be a powerful message for a group of college kids with optimism galore and yet unclear visions about their respective futures.  The show helped shape who I was as a young man.  Right or wrong, I made decisions with confidence and moved on in my journey.  Meanwhile, Erin and Matt started formulating their vision of Theatre Horizon. Twelve years later, Matt and Erin continue to demonstrate the power of theater to inspire.”

Charlie Brown and the Tornado

In honor of Theatre Horizon turning seven we will be posting our most memorable stories from the past seven years. This one comes from Artistic Director and Co-Founder Erin Reilly. Share your stories at!

“In 2006, we had the bright idea to present the musical Charlie Brown outdoors in a gazebo in King of Prussia one weekend.  The set and sound system were too big to break down every night, so [Resident Director and Co-Founder] Matt Decker and I decided we would just sleep in a tent overnight to ‘guard the stuff’ from any vandals that might be roving the suburbs.  That night, a bizarre tornado and storm ripped through town and we spent most of the night trying to tie down the set and secure props that were blowing around.  To escape the rain, Matt and I pitched our tent on concrete under the roof of a community building, and got a total of 15 minutes sleep between the concrete, the park auto lights going on and off, and the tornado.  After the sun came up, and Charlie Brown was mostly still intact, we dragged our butts to work at the Consortium summer camp, where we were directing teenagers in Bye Bye Birdie.  It was a painful day!  After that, we vowed never to do outdoor theater again.  The next year, we moved the company to Norristown’s Centre Theater and–with the exception of Shakespeare–have performed indoors ever since.”

Theatre Horizon is turning seven!

In honor of Theatre Horizon turning seven on November 16, we will be posting our favorite memories from the past seven years. The first comes from Production Manager Maura Roche. Share your stories at!

“I was in high school when Theatre Horizon started, and Erin Reilly was directing my high school productions.  I’ll never forget when she sat me down and encouraged me to really consider Theatre as a viable future for myself as I faced my college career.  My friends and I used to go to support Erin and see the small shows that Theatre Horizon was producing in a park in Upper Merion.  Now, 7 years later, I am astounded at how far the company has grown from those early shows to the artistically thriving, Barrymore-award-winning, up-and-coming professional company that it is!  And I’m so proud to be a part of that now as a member of our small but mighty staff.  Happy Birthday, Theatre Horizon!”

For proof, here’s a photo of high-school Maura being a Theatre Horizon superfan at one of those early performances.  As if this wasn’t ‘small world’ enough for you, Maura is pictured with Caroline Dooner, who will be performing in our upcoming show, Voices of Christmas!

Meet the cast of “Voices of Christmas”

The cast of Voices of Christmas welcomes Carl Clemons-Hopkins and Maggie Lakis back to Theatre Horizon’s stage. Clemons-Hopkins played Mitch Mahoney, the Comfort Counselor, in the Barrymore Award winning ensemble of Spelling Bee and has also appeared recently at the Walnut Street Theatre and 11th Hour Theatre Company. Maggie Lakis last appeared as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, a co-production with Theatre Horizon and 11th Hour Theatre Company, a role that earned her a Barrymore Award nomination for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Musical. Lakis has also appeared on many of the area’s stages with credits at the Arden Theatre Company, Delaware Theatre Company and Act II Playhouse. Making their Theatre Horizon debuts are Caroline Dooner (Sunday in the Park with George, Arden Theatre Company) and Ben Michael (Miss Saigon and Fiddler on the Roof, Walnut Street Theatre).

Helping Director Matthew Decker to shape the musical sound of the evening is Music Director Jamison Forman (Fiddler on the Roof, Walnut Street Theatre, Act a Lady, Azuka Theatre Company) and Barrymore Award winner Amanda Morton (Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical, Spelling Bee), who serves as the Music Supervisor.

Come see the cast this December! Visit for dates and show information.